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How I Got My First Client Within Months Of Learning- Freelance University Review

How I Got My First Client Within Months of Learning- Freelance University Review

Majority of aspiring virtual assistants and freelancers are often nervous about their skillset. Many are anxious to break new ground in the online space.

If you’re one of them, I feel you girl! I was once there!

But, here is the catapulting breakthrough; Freelance University, popularly known as FreelanceU. That’s how I crushed it!

I took my digital marketing certification classes at Freelance University and had a feel of their top-notch coursework covering a vast expanse of in-demand skills, so what other better time to do a review?

Kindly note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click any of them and proceed to make a purchase.  This will be at no cost to you.

How it All Started

All I wanted was to be a digital marketing virtual assistant, but I didn’t know how to become one. Even after completing digital marketing skills courses in 2018(one from Udemy and the free Google search and Display courses), I still felt lost. I took a few free virtual assistant courses, but I still could not figure out what I needed to put in place in order to launch my business.

That’s when I decided to invest in a course that would give me clear information and the right steps to get my business started in the right direction. As I was searching the internet for a course, I came across Freelance University. It caught my attention because they had a free workshop meant to address virtual assistant niches and how to select the right one. I enrolled for the workshop, and from that time onwards, my business took a different turn for the better.

After the workshop, I enrolled at the University and started learning. I started my business from scratch at the University, learning and applying every concept with zero prior experience of running an online business, except for the free courses mentioned above and some digital marketing experience I had gained from my former employer, an e-Learning organization. I didn’t have any skills in web design.

But, in less than a year, I had designed my virtual assistant website and signed in my first client! If you check my About Page, you’ll see my certifications from Freelance University.

And below is a screenshot of my client’s review on Facebook.

Freelance University

What I learned was quite worth the investment; defining my Big WHY, niche selection, building my personal branding, website branding (colors, website layout, copy, etc.), structuring my business, determining the rates for my services, networking, finding my ideal clients, how to onboard clients (documentations, checklists and templates), etc. In fact, everything a newbie would need is covered by Craig.

That’s why I come to you as a success story that it’s possible to build a successful at-home business fast!

Read on. At the end of this post I will show you how I got my first client.

Now, let’s get started…

What is Freelance University?

Freelance is a high-end training company for expanding an in-demand business. On paying your tuition fee, you are granted an immediate access to a regularly updated premier course library that comes along with an extensive package that includes certification programs, live workshops and live Q&A webinar sessions, a support software sandbox, networking platforms just but to mention a few.

What courses are available at Freelance University?

Freelance University offers courses that encompass eight learning tracks. These include:

  • Social Media
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Business Management and Support
  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media and Events
  • Web Development

The learning tracts also contain a dichotomy of courses and workshops included within. Check out these two free workshops, “Discover Seven Digital Marketing Skills Your Clients Need Right Now”, and “New Freelance Opportunities in The Midst of crisis” to get a feel of what their Workshops offer. That’s where I started my journey with the University, and I have never regretted.

Let’s take an example of the Content Creation and Management track; it has the following courses included:

  • Digital Content Management Program
  • Launch Your Online Course in 30 days
  • Content Marketing Mastery Course
  • Design Online Newsletters
  • Create Online Sales Pages
  • Design Online Courses
  • Create Engaging Blog Posts
  • Design Online Presentations

It also has several workshops, which include:

  • Website Writing Success
  • Writing Powerful Email Sequences
  • The Online Course Builder Workshop
  • The Fine Art of Writing Effective Headlines
  • Re-purpose Your Online Content

All these are included in just one track. The other seven tracks have similar inclusions; yours is to explore. Moreover, new material is occasionally added to the courses.

What are the benefits of enrolling at Freelance University?

Industry-Leading Certification programs

It offers industry-leading courses that cover eight main tracks that are very crucial for the fruition of any forth-coming freelancer.

The company partners with Accredible.com to deliver certifications digitally for easy integration with a client’s LinkedIn profile, personal website, and social media in order to enhance networking.

Comprehensive Course Library

It has a rich and unique resource center that is a gem to any freelancer. It has a vast range of business-building and skills-building programs that are very useful reference sources.

Every niche is catered for and more content is added monthly.

Monthly Skills Work

Monthly 90-minute workshops are offered. These sessions are LIVE and interactive, covering a variety of business topics and freelance.

This gives you an opportunity to give feedback to the company and also allows it to create on-demand content that was missed initially.

In-Depth Software Training Tutorials

It is inevitable for online professionals to keep abreast with new technology ‘the latest tech’. This is vital to your business and clients as well. Well, FreelanceU got you covered here.

It offers courses and tutorials on apps and software that suits your business. These include:

  • Social media management tools
  • Project management tools
  • Marketing landing page tools
  • Ecommerce tools
  • Productivity tools and a lot more.

The company has recently introduced a new app “App Lab” which is a sentry in the online business space and features quick courses on popular business apps.

Exclusive Resource Centre

Freelance University has an apt Resource Centre that sets up and manages systems for your business. It has 100 checklists and guides that ensure your business runs smoothly at all times.

If you desire to simplify your work in the online space, then it’s just a click away.

Student Success Interviews

It offers an opportunity to amateur freelancers to watch testimonials from successful professionals on topics relevant to your business.

This is one of the ways the company uses to grow upcoming freelancers or virtual assistants.

Monthly Virtual Office Hours

On enrolling, you can access Q&A webinar sessions with Craig and other special guests on a monthly basis. This is the best opportunity to raise questions and discussion areas that affect your business.

Strategic Course Upgrades

The company is always on the lookout to make strategic updates to their courses so as to keep their students ahead of the curve in the industry.

Software Sandbox

Freelance University offers a wide range of premium software that are necessary for your clients, examples are Premium WordPress themes and plugins, Canva Pro, ConvertKit, Magisto and Leadpages.

Private and very supportive Facebook Group

It offers learners an opportunity to access a similar goal-oriented community of freelance entrepreneurs in order to share tools, resources, successes and also for business discussion purposes with the University’s mentors.

The Private Facebook Group is closely moderated by mentors with great experience in the freelance industry.

After you implement a strategy you have learned at the University, you post the link in this group to get feedback from the mentors! This was one of my best resource at the University.


Currently, the University offers 2 payment plans;

  • A Monthly payment of $67 that can be cancelled any time, and
  • An annual payment of $597, which makes the best value because you get 3 months of free access and save $200.

You also get a 15-day money-back guarantee. This gives you an opportunity to review the programs offered.

My Final Opinion

Freelance University is designed for people who desire to launch their own business.

However, if you are working for someone else, you can enroll to the University to gain specific and up-to-date skills in your area of expertise since the courses are regularly updated.

Therefore, if you are set to take action and yearning to be a freelance entrepreneur, I highly recommend you to sign up. You will get a valuable return for your tuition fee; it is value for money since they offer over 80 courses, training programs and workshops.

That is immense return for your money. From my experience, it’s worth it to invest in Freelance University. You can give it a try and thank me later!

If you are you interested, click HERE to join the University!


Now, How Did I Get My First Client?

After I completed my Social Media Manager skills course, I discovered that I needed some basic knowledge on graphic design. So, I enrolled for the Graphic Design Foundation course at the University. 

I then started designing my website according to the branding guidelines I had learned at the University; I chose my colors, the design layout, the domain name, my big WHY, put up all my opt-in forms at strategic locations on my website, had my lead magnet ready, etc.

After completing my website, I headed over to my social media platforms and optimized my profiles. I then started applying what I had learned in the Social Media Manager course. I went ahead to grow my Facebook page in groups I had joined. 

In one of the groups, I promoted my Facebook page to gain more likes. This particular lady was a member in this group. She clicked on my Facebook page link, went over to my page, looked at it and headed over to my website! Wowed by the design and the overall look of my website, and how I presented myself on the website, she signed up for my free planner and loved it.  

That’s when she decided to contact me for a chat! And we started working together.

So, I learned and appreciate Freelance University for teaching me that for a successful online business, I need to put up a firm foundation first before I go looking for a client.

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If you have any question or comment about the University, please share below.

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