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60 Highly Engaging Social Media Questions That Spark Conversation

60 Highly Engaging Social Media Questions That Spark Conversation

Social media questions has always been a good way of starting conversations on social media.

When asked correctly, however, questions generate many comments and likes. It is, therefore, imperative to be creative and vary the nature of questions often though this may not be easy if you are starting out and your audience is small. 

However, if you have a large audience, their comments can help you determine the next question to ask.

Kindly note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click any of them and proceed to make a purchase.  This will be at no cost to you.

Remember, don’t do one style too much! 

That’s why I compiled the following 60 well-researched and highly engaging social media questions for you and simplified your work by categorizing them into 10 different sections.

I compiled a social media content ideas cheatsheet and included more questions. Download it below and add the questions to this list.

Or extract the questions from my blog post, 56 Social Media Post Ideas.

Copy and share them randomly on your social media using schedulers such as Recurpost or Tailwind.

Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest, and Recurpost for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Why I use Recurpost to schedule my social media posts

  • It schedules my social media content in a recurring basis. 
  • It saves me time because once I set up the content once, Recurpost keeps posting my content on a recurring basis. 
  • Recurpost offers a free plan for 3 social media accounts.

Now, lets get started…

Category 1: Fill in The Blank Questions

1. If I could go anywhere right now, I could go to____________ 

2. The first thought that gets into my mind when I see (YOUR BRAND) is_________________ 

3. If I could be anything when I grow up, I would be_______________ 

4. If I could hang out with any celebrity tonight, I would hang out with_____________ 

5. Fill in the blank: ______________ always makes me smile. 

6. Fill in the blank: Playing with a ___________ is always fun 

7. Fill in the blank: The craziest thing I have witnessed in life is_____________ 

Category 2: Would You Rather Or… Questions

8. Would you rather post on Instagram or Twitter? Why? 

9. Would you rather give up the internet for a week or bathing for a week? 

10. Would you rather dress-up or be casual? Why? 

11. Would you rather feel like a potato or look like a potato? 

12. In real life, would you rather be able to copy and paste or undo? 

Category 3: “The One Thing”  Social Media Questions

13. If one advert was to be replayed forever, which one would it be? 

14. What is the one thing you should never say in a plane? 

15. What is the one thing you must cross off your bucket list this year? 

Category 4: Survey Questions

16. We are preparing to roll out our new fragrance. Would you buy it?

17. How should our new bottle be like? 

18. What is holding you back from using [YOUR PRODUCT]? 

19. How could we improve [YOUR PRODUCT] to serve you better? 

20. What other roles apart from yours do you think would benefit from [YOUR PRODUCT]? 

21. What would you use as an alternative should [YOUR PRODUCT] be unavailable? 

22. In what ways has [YOUR PRODUCT] impacted your life? 

Category 5: Random Questions

23. What’s your most used emoji? 

24. What would be interesting about not having a sense of smell? 

25. Which app do you hate but have to use it anyway? 

26. Do you do crazy dance when you are alone? 

27. As a kid, what did you like to become once you grew up? 

28. What are you bizarrely afraid of? 

29. In what country/state would you feel most out of place? Why? 

Category 6: This or That… Questions

30. Phones or computers? 

31. Curly or Straight hair? 

32. Console games or mobile games? 

33. Comedy or Mystery? 

34. Cautious or adventurous? 

35. Nightclub or potato night? 

Category 7: What if… Social Media Questions

36. What if you could spend your life without sleeping, and not feeling the need to, how would you be spending your nights? 

37. What if you had the ability to re-invent one invention, what would it be? 

38. What if you found yourself in a foreign country surrounded by people who do not understand English and with no possession apart from the clothes you are wearing, what would you do? 

39. What if the fire alarm woke you at night, what two things would you grab to rescue? 

40. What if instead of prisons, guilty people were condemned to death? 

41. What if instead of the current gait, humans walked on all fours? 

42. What if you were to eat only one food each day of your life, which would it be? 

Category 8: What’s Your Favorite… Questions

43. What’s your favorite 90’s movie? 

44. What’s your favorite theme park? 

45. What’s your favorite wild animal? 

46. What’s your favorite Olympic sport? 

47. What’s your favorite scent for soap? 

48. What’s your favorite gift do you like receiving? 

49. What’s your favorite food/drink? 

Category 9: What Is… Questions

50. What is the best outfit to have? 

51. What is the best beach city? 

52. What is the best Christmas gift? 

53. What thing would you not spend more than a day without? 

54. What is the right age to let children have their first phone? 

Category 10: If You Could… Social Media Questions

55. If you could have a fully-paid trip to anywhere in the world, which country would you visit? 

56. If you could hack into any one organization/state department, which one would you choose? 

57. If you had the ability to know the thoughts of all people around you, what would you do with the ability? 

58. If you could close one of the fast food outlets with disgusting services, which one would it be? 

59. If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be? 

60. If you could paint a picture of any scenery you have seen before, which one would it be? 

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Which social media questions have you been using that have been highly engaging on your social media platforms? Let’s chat below.

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