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Cloud Hosting: 15 Reasons Why You Should Host With Cloudways

Cloud Hosting: 15 Reasons Why You Should Host with Cloudways

Cloudways offers a cloud hosting service where after selecting your cloud provider, Cloudways connects you to that platform to make the service easy to use, though you need to have some technical background for a smoother experience.

Kindly note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click any of them and proceed to make a purchase.  This will be at no cost to you.  

While the normal servers give you an incredible value, as you scale up your business, the price escalates. However, the price starts at $10 per month, which is affordable.

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This post takes you through the 15 incredible features of Cloudways that make it stand out from the rest of the cloud hosting providers.

Their infrastructure is optimized for 3 things; speed, security and performance. And we all need this.

Now, let’s get started.

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1. Top Notch Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloudways has 5 renown cloud severs; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean. It goes without saying that these are the best servers you can find in cloud hosting.

Each of the cloud providers come with superior features that are designed to meet your hosting needs efficiently.

To help you decide on which server to work with, Cloudways gives you a 3-day free trial on each of them. This gives you a pre-exposure to the servers and help you make an informed choice. 

2. Launch Multiple Apps in 1 Click

Cloudways features a 1-click application launcher for all their integrated apps. The Company offers lots of incredible applications to allow you build your website according to your needs. There is WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce and other applications at your disposal. Being able to launch all these apps in a mouse click makes things much easier for you.

With this wide range of application, Cloudways has something for everyone, from start-ups to established bloggers.

Availability of apps like WooCommerce, magento and OpenCart makes this platform ideal for hosting your online store.

3. Thunderstack

This is a high performance stack designed by the engineers at Cloudways to optimize the performance of applications and the servers.

Thunderstack is the most advanced combination of cloud technology. It’s a cocktail of web servers like Apache, PHP-FPM and NGINX mixed with MSQL and MariaDb databases. Additionally, it also has the latest cache solutions for Magento 1. x and Magento 2.x servers.

Results? This feature optimizes performance and doubles the delivery speed of the servers and applications like WordPress and Magento. Page loading has never been this fast.

4. Free SSL Certificate

For cyber security and proof of authenticity, your website need an SSL (Secure Security Layer) certificate.

Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) initiated Let’s Encrypt, an automated certification authority. Let’s Encrypt issues a free SSL certificate to websites migrating to HTTP. This may cost a few dollars on other cloud hosting platforms. 

Cloudways is offered a free installation of Let’s Encrypt all for your good. This makes deploying of your SSL certificate very easy and its absolutely free.

What makes the experience more outstanding is availability of applications that are compatible with Let’s Encrypt on Cloudways. They include, WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Lavarel, Magento, WordPress Multi and Prestashop.

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5. A Developer Friendly Staging Environment

For a developer, this is the place to be. The easy-to-use features and applications of Cloudways creates a very friendly environment for you. Developing your website or landing pages is super easy.  This platform lets you perform tons of functions with just a few mouse clicks.

The migrator plugins in WordPress allows you to move database from your previous hosting to your new home at Cloudways.

To complement this, Cloudways offers you a built-in CDN, free SSL certificate among other features.

This elite platform offers good staging ground for developers. 

6. Flexibility to Scale Servers

Cloudways provides a very flexible platform that can be easily scaled according to the demand. It allows you to launch unlimited applications and staging on one server. With a mouse click, you are able to scale specifications of your server in record time.

In a high business season, you might need some extra server resources like in the case of Magento stores. Data backup on the servers is automated. It allows you to pre-set the backup frequency to your preferred interval.

7. Unlimited Apps On Server

Cloudways knows no limit when it comes to launching of applications and engaging your servers. This means that you can launch as many applications as you need to run as many stores as your market demands. Further, every store can have its own domain, Cloudways CDN and SSL certificate.

If you had a new website or landing page to test, then this is your ultimate solution. Ecommerce stores often test new products.  Doing this on a live website might be catastrophic to your business in case the market doesn’t like then product.

This unlimited staging capability of Cloudways makes it possible for you to test functionalities free and safely.

Start your free trial with Cloudways today!

8. Effective Team Collaboration Feature

Cloudways offers very strategic collaboration features. You will often find yourself in scenarios which require you to give another person some access to your servers for a number of reasons. Maybe you would wish to allow your customers access a billing application or your technician needs to access applications on your server for maintenance.

Cloudways has a feature that facilitates this collaboration in 2 ways:

  1. Collaboration through SFTP/SSH access to applications
  2. Collaboration through Cloudways platforms

These 2 options allow you to give collaborative access to applications on your server with selective limits depending on the purpose of the collaboration. The two options have different access limits. You will have to select the most appropriate one.

9. Transfer Servers and Billings to Your Clients in Simple Clicks

This captivating feature should catch the attention of developers and agencies. If you have created an application in your own account on Cloudways and you would want to transfer to another account, it can be done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select server to transfer
  2. Transfer your server
  3. Accept transfer

That’s it! And this is how Cloudways has revolutionized the industry.

However simple it may look, Cloudways has put security checks in place to make sure that only the account owners are the ones who can execute the transfer. Once the server is transferred, the previous owners and members can no longer access it. Shared servers cannot be transferred. 

10. Github Automation for Developers

This is yet another critical function that has been simplified by Cloudways. Using webhooks, you can now automate the deployment of updated codes to your live servers. Wait! did I mention that it’s a simple 3-step process? Let do it together.

Step 1: Log in to your Cloudways account and generate an API key. This key and email address will be required in the next step.

Step 2: Create an Auto deployment file inside the public_html applications folder and name this file gitautodeploy.php

Step 3: Add a webhook that will trigger the deployment of updated code from the auto deployment file we created in step 2.

With these three simple steps, the job is done.

11. Pay as You Go Pricing Model

Cloudways is among the selected few platforms where you enjoy a post-pay billing plan. You will only pay for the resources you have used.

This payment model will always make sure that you are not wasting a dollar. This is unlike in pre-paid subscriptions where you pay fixed amounts monthly whether you consume the resources of not.

Invoices are sent to your email address every first week of the month. The billing system is very transparent, flexible and efficient. This model comes with a lot of convenience and it is cost-effective.

12. Free Caching Plugin for WordPress and Magento

WordPress and Magento stores find a perfect host in Cloudways. The platform has a collection of built-in plugins and caches that enhance functionalities of WordPress, Magento and other applications integrated with Cloudways. For instance, Cloudways is well equipped to smoothly work with both Magento stores versions 1 and 2.

The WordPress migrator plug-ins are great tools that enable an easy site migration process. These set of plug-ins will move your site from another host and bring you to Cloudways without losing a single file or WordPress settings from previous platforms. 

13. Built-in Cloudways CDN

With the ever increasing traffic on your website, you need a server system that will effectively transfer, store or back up your website assets.

Cloudways has partnered with Stackpath to enable you to easily activate Cloudways Contend Delivery Network (Cloudways CDN). This geographically distributed CDN replicates your website assets.

Being an asset-based server system, Cloudways CDN will require that you specify the static assets on your application like images, animations, texts and so on. This definition makes it easy for servers to avail files on your site and give you a great experience. The quick access to the nearest servers that are generously distributed makes your website super fast.

14. Managed Security and Backups

Cloudways boasts of an air tight security. Apart from the integration of Let’s Encrypt, which gets your site a free SSL certificate, Cloudways has a multilayered security protocol which is unmatched in the web hosting industry. The application of patches to firmware and operating systems adds on to the security of your website.

Server-level automated backup system is another remarkable feature that makes sure your data is safe from loss of any kind. The automated backups enable you to pre set time intervals for Cloudways to automatically back up your data.

It also features an off-site backup functionality. This extra ordinary feature saves you from unpredictable occurrences.

15. 1 – Click Operations

Launches, apps installation, account transfer, website management and monitoring can all be done with a single click. Simplicity punctuates every single functionality at Cloudways. Name a task in Cloudways and I will tell you the surprisingly few clicks that will get it done.

Managing your site and creation of websites and landing pages are redefined by this platform. The easy-to-use features of Cloudways sets a 1-click operation prevalence and turns you into a pro developer in a matter of minutes. You can accomplish much with just a few clicks.


Cloudways is the most popular cloud hosting service provider among the big companies, such as Cisco and IBM. Their features are exactly what a business would need. However, here are the cons;

  • Email hosting is not supported
  • You cannot register a domain name with Cloudways
  • The free Multisite is limited to 100 sites.

Altogether, Cloudways pros outweigh the cons to make the Company the best cloud hosting service provider! What do you think?

Try Cloudways for free and get 30-day money back guarantee

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