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5 Best Web Hosting Sites For Small Business – (Features Compared)

5 Best Web Hosting Sites for Small Business – (Features Compared)

If you’re considering opening an online business, you know the critical role played by web hosting sites and how tiring the task of shopping online for a web host can be. Web hosting companies are very many and each one of them claims to be the best. This can be confusing especially if you are starting out your online business.

With so many options of web hosting sites, you need to define what you need in terms of the features, the budget and the hosting type. Even with these requirements in mind, it can still be a hard task to choose the best.

Kindly note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click any of them and proceed to make a purchase.  This will be at no cost to you.

This blog post gives you a detailed review of the 5 best web hosting sites for small business, giving you their features and what makes them stand out from the competition.

1. Bluehost

best web hosting sites

Hosting over 2 million websites makes Bluehost one of the best web hosting sites for small business in the world. The Company has been around since 1996. Supper fast speed, advanced security, superb user support team and, a range of affordable hosting plans has made Bluehost the cream of the industry.

Domain registration is free for the first year and with as little as $3.95 per month, a single mouse click hosts and launches your website! Web hosting has never been this simple.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

Price: $3.95/month

Shared hosting is the most popular plan for small businesses that are starting out. The plan gives you a fully managed solution and an easy to navigate customer dashboard.

Outstanding Features:

  • Free Domain for the first year
  • Single Website
  • 50GB SSD of storage:
  • You get unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certification
  • $200 Marketing Credit
  • Standard performance
  • 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains

WordPress Bundle

Being a WordPress official partner, Bluehost provides a special web hosting options for WordPress sites for as low as $3.95 per month. The package, known as the WordPress bundle, comes with security, traffic management, backups, automatic updates and site analytics all bundled up together.


VPS Hosting

Price: $19.99/Month

If you need flexibility, control and the power to run your server your way, this is the plan for you! The plan is great if you have moderate to high website traffic. With this plan, you have the full root access, giving you additional control.

Outstanding Features:

  • You get 30GB SSD storage
  • It comes with 2GB RAM
  • You get a bandwidth of 1 TB
  • Supports 1 IP address

A remarkable combination of features for a VPS hosting plan. This is where flexibility, power, speed, large storage and total control of your site is all bundled in one basket. It is a next-generation experience of a Virtual Private Server hosting with unlimited features.


Dedicated Hosting

Price: $79.99/Month

This plan provides complete customization and ultimate performance and security. If your website traffic is high, this is the plan for you!

Outstanding Features:

  • Supports 500 GB (mirrored) storage
  • The plan gives you 4GB RAM, 4 core @2.3Ghz
  • You get 5TB bandwidth
  • Supports 3 IP addresses
  • Allows Multi-server management

Ultimate performance: This package crowns you as ruler of your website. Its woven with elite features that provides your site with air tight security, jet speed and a 500 GB mirrored storage which gives your site a tight security and space.

Visit Bluehost


2. A2 Hosting

A2 is here to host and make sure your website pops on desktops world over in record time. We all need a little speed in our deliveries. Don’t we?

The Turbo optimization technology is the reason A2 is among the top Web hosting companies. A2 is defined by its speed and efficiency. They pride themselves in their 40% FASTER CPU performance.

 A2 Hosting plans have been considerately structured to accommodate websites at any levels; from entry to elite. Your Budget, Speed, sufficient storage space and security have all been considered in each of the plans.

Shared Hosting

Price: $2.99/Month 

Outstanding Features:

  • 100 GB SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free and easy site migration
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free domain and web builders
  • 24/7 phone, live chat and, Email

Budget, speed and space are all in your favor here. At $ 2.99 per month, unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB storage, there is no greater start for a super speed hungry website than this.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Price: Starting from $11.99/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 1 website with Free SSL certification
  • Turbo (up to 20x faster)
  • You get 10 GB storage
  • Speed optimized WordPress
  • 9% up time commitment
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Comes with Managed WordPress patching and Updates

Incredible WordPress hosting plan. Not many hosting companies comes close to this combination of features when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Automated back-up feature is designed to ensure frequent data backup and security of your data at all times.


VPS Hosting

Price: Starting from $25/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • You get 4 GB RAM
  • 75GB of storage
  • 2 TB data transfer
  • Root access
  • Free and easy site transfer
  • Managed updates
  • Security patches

Outstanding efficiency of websites hosted by A2 Prestige VPS hosting plan is far beyond your expectation. Choose prestige and experience the efficient privileges of A2.


Dedicated Hosting

Price: Starts from $99.59/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • Comes with 8 GB RAM
  • 2 cores
  • 10 TB data Transfer
  • You get 2 x 500 GB storage
  • Intel 3.1 + GHz
  • Up to 20x faster turbo option: Extra speed only found in A2 Hosting.
  • Administrative level tools access: You have access to site management tools.


The 20x faster delivery speed made possible by the turbo feature says it all. Your website is not just running, it is sprinting!

Access to administrative tools enables you to customize a number of options on your website and further design a self-fitting server.


3. WIX 

Build, host and launch your website for free! Yes, this is exactly what Wix does for you. Conceive the idea of your website and let Wix do the rest.

Wix has hundreds of customizable designs, thousands of images, and an easy- to- use web builder which brings together all the tools you need to build a captivating website in the easiest way ever.

Free domain name, free and secure hosting, free SSL certification, free…free. The list may go on and on until you realize your website is on every desktop absolutely free courtesy of Wix.

However, the free plan comes with the Wix prefix attached to the domain, and looks like this, “yourname.wixsite.com”, which may not look professional.

That’s why you may want to consider the premium plans. The free plan comes with 500MBs storage and 500 MBs transfer.

Premium Plans

Connect Domain Plan

Price: $4.50/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • No Favicon
  • No video storage
  • You can connect your existing domain
  • The plan allows Wix brand Ads
  • 1 GB Bandwidth
  • 500MB storage

This is a basic plan that can take you off the ground. Basic as it may be, its efficiency is quite remarkable.

Combo Plan

Price: $8.50/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 2GB Bandwidth
  • 3GB storage
  • Allow favicon
  • Remove Wix Ads
  • You can connect your existing domain
  • Allows 30 minutes’ video clips on website
  • Free domain for 1 year

Unlimited Plan

Price: $12.50/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Allow favicon
  • Allows 1-hour videos on your website.
  • Site booster app worth $60
  • Free domain for one year
  • Site visitor analytics app worth $60

V.I.P Plan

Price: $24.50/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 20GB storage
  • Remove Wix Ads
  • Allow favicon
  • Professional Logo worth $50
  • 2 –hour videos on website
  • Site booster app worth $60
  • Site visitor analytics app worth $60
  • Free domain for one year
  • Social media logo files

After you build your free website using this link, you can upgrade to any premium plan and get 50% off.

Visit Wix.com

4. Cloudways

best web hosting sites

Cloud based technology has enabled Cloudways to bill you in arrears. This unique product makes sure that you are only going to pay for what you have used. With a transparent and flexible postpaid billing system, Cloudways emails your invoice monthly. This brings a lot of convenience.

From as low as $10.00 /month, you can get the top of the industry cloud based web hosting and management services. If you need to switch from other web hosting platform, Cloudways will facilitate the whole process for free.

All Cloudways hosting plans come with dedicated firewall, automated back-up, HTTP/2 enabled severs and unlimited application installations. 

Cloudways Hosting Plans (digital ocean)

Price: $10/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • You get 1GB RAM
  • 1 core processor
  • 25GB storage
  • 1TB Bandwidth


Price: $22/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 core processor
  • 50GB of storage
  • 2TB Bandwidth


Price: $42/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 Core processor
  • 80GB storage
  • 4TB Bandwidth


Price: $80/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 Core processor
  • 160 GB of data storage
  • 5TB Bandwidth


All plans come with;

  • Free SSL
  • Free migration
  • CDN Add-on
  • Automated backups
  • 24/7 real time monitoring
  • Regular security patching

The pinnacle of Cloudways is its outstanding cloud technology which gives the ultimate assurance of your data security. This advanced technology offers safe and unlimited virtual storage space for data back-up.

Visit Cloudways and start your free trial.

5. InterServer

The experience of web hosting since 1999 has seen InterServer evolve into one of the top players in the market. 450+ cloud applications among other mind-blowing features is what you get when you choose InterServer as your host. It is home to advanced cloud based web hosting services.

Starting from $ 4 per month may not be the cheapest in the market. However, it is the most incredible combination of features to find in a shared web hosting plan.  Unlimited transfer, Emails and storage is definitely what anyone wouldn’t mind to get at that rate.

InterServer Hosting Plans


Price: Starting from $4/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Up to 25 websites
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Discounted Domain Registration ($1.99/year)
  • Free SSL certification
  • Free Website Migration
  • Inter-shield protection


VPS Cloud-based Web hosting Plan

Price: $6/Month

Outstanding Features:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB of storage
  • 1TB transfer
  • 1 CPU Core

Dedicated Web hosting Plan

Price: Starting from $80/Month

Free Features:

  • 24/7 up-time monitoring
  • Zero setup fee
  • 10 GB PORT or 1GB
  • Managed support
  • 10 TB Transfer
  • DDOS protection (up to 20Gb free): This is a unique data protection feature

All plans enjoy free domain, SSL certificate and site pad website builder. They also support WordPress.

Sign up using this link and enjoy the ongoing offer at $ 1 for 3 months of Web hosting, which is 90% off.


With this unbiased review of the best web hosting sites, you will be able to compare the various web hosting features and make an informed decision. Among your top concerns should be a website that doesn’t lag, a web host provider with a strong bandwidth and enough storage to allow for growth within the same budget.

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