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3 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Email List Overnight (with Examples)

3 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Email List Overnight (with Examples)

Your email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% annually, and this is why you need to grow your email list continually.

Reasons for the decrease being your subscribers’ email addresses change as they change employers, others abandon their old AOL address that they used to fill out forms on your website, while others choose to opt out of your email communication.

That’s why you should grow your email list continually to make up for the lost subscribers.

Email list building is all you need for your business!

If you are not working on adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns, you need to start today. Experts say the money is in the list! Sounds good, right? 

But actually, how do you get people to sign up for your email marketing campaigns? It’s not that hard, trust me.

Kindly note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you click any of them and proceed to make a purchase.  This will be at no cost to you.

When I started my business, I used to ignore email marketing (actually, I didn’t know how to go about it) and I didn’t know it was hurting my business until I discovered the 3 strategies I’m about to share with you in this post. 

The following are the reasons why this blog post will kick your butt off and explode your email list.

  • You will need 15 minutes of effort (ONCE) in one of the strategies and get more subscribers continually.
  • If you follow these strategies, I guarantee you more subscribers to grow your email list.
  • If you have some audience on your social media, but your email list is not growing, keep reading.

Now, let’s get started…

1. Promote Your Lead Magnet (Freebie) on Social Media to Grow Your Email List

This strategy is a no-brainer, yet most of us tend to overlook it.  A Lead Magnet is something valuable that you offer in exchange for an email address. 

Your freebie should be so IRRESISTIBLE that your audience happily give you their email addresses.

But wait, how will you know what constitutes an irresistible Lead Magnet?

I did my research by downloading every lead magnet I could get, and this gave me a lot of insight.

I must say I was frustrated by some of them because I needed helpful resources and actionable strategies.

The inspiration for my lead magnet came one day when I was scheduling Facebook posts for my former employer. I was struggling with getting fresh content to post on Facebook consistently.

I researched and created a planner on the easiest way to come up with fresh Facebook content, and added worksheets and exercises on it to help me stay consistent with what the audience were craving for.

Later, I developed the Planner and added 7 more sections with worksheets and exercises to help me stay on top of Facebook posting.

Not only has the planner helped me with Facebook content, it has also inspired me to create content for my Facebook Ads and Google Ads lead magnets.

So I thought, if it has helped me this much, it can help someone else too! Fill the form below to get your free copy.

An irresistible lead magnet should inspire the reader, teach something valuable or solve a specific problem.

This lead magnet can be anything from eBooks, planners, cheetsheets, checklist, email courses, workbooks, etc.

Once you create your irresistible lead magnet, add it on your website and place it within a blog post or a landing page. In this context, a landing page is a page that exclusively discusses your lead magnet and how to download it.

Adding your Lead Magnet within a blog post is known as content upgrade. In other words, it upgrades the content of your blog post with extra value. A good example is this blog post.

Once you have all your opt-in forms in place, create posts to promote your lead magnet on social media. Be consistent in your posting. Streamline your content planning using a social media editorial calendar.

One of the game changers in the market is the Angie Gensler’s Calendar! I love it because you get 365+ days of social media post ideas, over 3,300 holidays and observances for 2020, and it comes in 4 versions. Check it out HERE to get a 20% discount.

By now, you know where your audience hangs out. Facebook? Linkedin? Twitter? Pinterest? Share your lead magnet landing pages and content upgrades on that social media platform consistently.

2. Place Your Lead Magnet Opt-in Forms at Strategic Locations All Over Your Website

Place opt-in forms with strong calls to action all over your website to promote your lead magnet.

Make sure your visuals are consistent across the website.

#1 Homepage

This is your landing page and your CTA for the opt-in form should be clearly visible.

This is the page that gives you an opportunity to communicate what you do, the people you serve and offer your lead magnet in a nutshell. Be simple, brief and straight to the point.

Your CTA button should be conspicuous the moment a visitor lands on your page. This is how I did it.

#2 Pop-ups

Use pop-up forms that promote your lead magnet on every page of your website such that when a visitor visits the page, the form pops up!

You can set it to pop up after a few seconds or when the visitor is about to leave. Look at the example below.

#3 Footer/Header

Install an opt-in form on the footer of your website or a CTA button on the header (primary menu). I chose to use the header for my CTA button.

#4 Within your blog posts

Break up your posts with images promoting your lead magnet to give your readers breathing space as they go through your content.

This break keeps your readers engaged, and instead of using stock images, design eye-catching images that promote your lead magnet. A good example is the post you’re reading now.

#5 At the bottom of your blog posts

Place an opt-in form at the bottom of your blog posts. 

I used MailerLite to create the beautiful opt-in forms for all my Planner’s CTA buttons, except those forms on the blog posts, which I created using MailMunch.

I love MailerLite because of its simplicity, flexibility and affordability. It is totally free until I surpass 1000 email subscribers after which the price is still pocket-friendly.

In addition, I can create beautiful landing pages, automated email campaigns and workflows, pop-ups and opt-in forms.

On the other hand, MailMunch is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful forms on your website to grow email list.

3. Include A Strong Call-To-Action (CTA) In Your Social Media Profiles

It looks simple, but it’s very effective.

But wait, what is a call-to-action (CTA)?

It is simply a button that calls you to take a specific action. Examples include Sign Up, Take Me There, Learn More, I Need This, Download Now, Send Me This, Read My Story, etc.

CTAs essentially motivate your visitors to interact with your content, meaning you need to consider the tone of your CTAs depending with the type of followers you have. For example, “Download Now” sounds more serious and official while “Send Me This” sounds conversational and friendly.

CTAs tell the readers what to do. Without a CTA, you will be creating brand awareness because experts say the money is in the list!

Grow your email list together with your social media followers. You’re call to action on your social media profile should lead to your irresistible lead magnet. If you are not doing this then you are missing out a huge opportunity of converting followers into subscribers.

Your social media profile should essentially include the services you offer, the category of people you help, and your call to action.

This social media CTA should lead people to a landing page that talks about your lead magnet only so they can subscribe to your list.

Most people are normally excited about you and your brand the moment they follow you, so it’s important to use that opportunity to offer them other valuable ways of connecting with you.

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That’s all for today! I would love to hear from you, please share any suggestions on the comments below. 









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